mistakes of professional women

Four Fashion Mistakes Professional Women Commit

Fashion on a professional ground needs a lot of attention because fashion and profession are quite difficult to justify together. Numerous working women try a lot to look fashionable at workplace, but end up doing some mistakes, which not only devastate their fashion but also ruin their work. This article highlights some of the common fashion mistakes professional women make so that you can stay away from committing these fashion blunders.

Silk Sarees at Work Place

When it comes to professional place in India, it is quite fatal to wear a saree in silk material. Silk material is quite slippery and smooth. They do not remain stuck to the skin always, so being a professional Indian lady, it is suggested to drape a cotton saree that is quite airy and stiff enough to stick around your body in spite of frequent movements.

High Heel Shoes

mistakes of professional women


High heel shoes can be awesome for weekend parties, but not for work place. It may resist you from making quick movements, especially when you are working on a stringent project and you are on the verge of delivering it to the client. In such cases, when you happen to run from cubicle to cubicle to get the data integrated, a high heel shoe can be extremely damaging.

Top Exposing Spaghetti Lace or Bra Strap

Such exposures are not so decent for workplace and may distract men around you. It’s cool to look hot, but after all your office is not the place to show off yourself as being hot. It is a place to finish up your work. So, a top with wide neck is obviously not advisable.

Excessive Jewellery

mistakes of professional women

You may be a jewellery lover, but keep them for special occasion. Office is not the place to put on excessive jewellery. A thick bunch of bangles or necklaces can distract you from working on laptops and resist you from working smoothly on the keyboard. Moreover, excessive jewellery would distract people around you and make you look odd in the crowd. Simple and light jewellery is ideally recommended for work place.

These are the 4 common mistakes professional women make that not only ruin their fashion mood, but also destroy their work. So, it is very important for the professional women out there to look into these points keenly and take corrective action when they want to balance their profession and fashion.

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