5 Types of Cool and Trendy Men’s Bags

Are you struggling with buying the right kind of men’s bag for yourself? Top 5 choices mentioned will make things easier for you. Earlier people used to believe that it is the clothes that describe a man, but today things are far different. Today the outlook of a man is not said to be complete without a proper bag. Today good clothing and outlook are not just important to women but men are also equally particular about what they kind of accessories, shoes, clothes and bags they carry with themselves. Earlier fashionable and trendy bags were just meant for women but today even men want to sport the coolest of them and they don’t want to limit themselves just to backpacks and boring briefcases. Mentioned below are top 5 kinds of bags that men love to carry.

  • Briefcases: These are good for carrying files, books and papers in an organized manner. These go great with their formal outlooks. Earlier these briefcases only looked like boring boxes. They were square in shapes and didn’t have many cases to carry different things. Today they are far more sophisticated and practical at the same time. While some like sporting black or brown leather briefcases, there are others who don’t mind getting a little more contemporary.

  • Holdalls: These are far more stylish and modernized traveler’s bags. A big luggage is good for longer trips but you can easily ditch those big bags for holdalls or carryalls if you just go for a short trip of a day or two. They don’t look super funky but are also practical in terms of carrying all your important things. It normally comes with big and strong handles and the bag can also be carried on your shoulder.

  • Totes: These are the most modern form of briefcases and sport a much softer texture. Some even call this as a slimmer or rectangular version of a carryall. It is long and not wide and can either be carried in one hand or worn on your shoulder. Not only are they good in carrying all your valuables but even the fashion people consider it as the best option to go for with casual clothing. Someone like a student who wants a bag that can carry all his clothes, shoes, notebooks, books, laptops and accessories should definitely go for a tote over anything else.

  • Backpack: This is a typical baggage solution, which is normally carried on the back. They are easily the most popular kind of bags in the world and hardly need any explanation. One of the big advancements in the world of bagpacks has been new compartments meant for e-books, laptops, mobile phones etc.

  • Duffel Bag: This is bag made of clothes and is usually cylindrical in shape. Normally the men with army caps and uniform like sporting these bags meant for the job. Today, however, a larger section of people, mostly sports people use these bags and they can carry all their sports related equipments etc.

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