fashion trends that short women should avoid

5 Fashion Trends That Short Women Should Avoid

Short women often find it difficult to find fashion trends that suit their looks. Sometimes, they tend to follow trends that don’t look good on them. It’s true that even short girls look cute when they are dressed well and can get noticed in a crowd. Listed below are some fashion trends that you should avoid so that you don’t end up looking weird in something that doesn’t actually suit you.

Avoid Flats
Try to avoid flats because it can make you look shorter. Wearing heeled footwear will make you look pretty and stylish. Try walking with a platform heel and end it with a pencil heel. Wearing pencil heels with dresses is an awesome combination for your outfit. Wearing heels will make you look taller and it’s an advantage that a woman of short height can take it off to look pretty.

Oversized Bags

fashion trends that short women should avoid
Don’t try hiding yourself by carrying an oversized bag. An oversized bag can make you look covered and probably whatever stylish outfit or accessories you wore will not be visible. It will destroy all the looks. Try taking a small sized bag in a florescent color and decent look as this will suit your stance.

Turtle Neck Tops and Sweaters
Avoid wearing turtle neck tops and sweaters because not showing off your neck will make you look even shorter than before, which will not be good for short people. Try buying some good and decent tops with open neck like “v” neck, “u” or round neck, which will make you look good according to your personality.

Midi Skirts

fashion trends that short women should avoid
Avoid wearing a midi skirt as it will often cause your legs to look shorter and it will make you look short.

These are the 5 things a short woman should avoid.

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